When I watch anything I usually review or consider it on three different levels: Plot, Technical, and How it Affects me a a person.  If your looking for a full plot summary of Rent you won't find that here.  I recommend looking at The Three Guys Rent Page.  It provides the summary that comes with the CD, it gives the newcomer to Rent a nice road map to quickly understanding the basic relationships of Rent.  If your looking to buy Rent Stuff, I have a list of my preferred online retailers.


The Technical Side of Rent
Seeing Rent on-stage was awesome.  I was continually amazed at the technical efforts displayed.  The lighting team shyed away from using any fancy lighting for a majority of the show.  I was amazed at how the lighting of the show was miraculously simple, but very effective.  Angel's death scene utilized one light pointed toward the audience, not the usual direction of a light, but it was a beautiful effect on the stage, even if the light was aimed right at the seat that I was sitting in.  I was especially amazed at the illusion of a motorcycle in the dark, created with just a moving light and a sound effect, it made me wonder how often I've been fooled by just the appearance of something, when it doesn't really exist, especially in relationships with others.    

How Rent Affects Me
When people ask me what Rent is I usually just say it is a new Rock Musical.  But I've been listening to it continually since I got the CD and I think it is more than that.  Rent has been an experience for me.  As a gay teenager I think its cool that both the gay and straight couples experience similar problems.  I've found that in most television and movies gay couples are shown as non-functioning and dysfunctional.  Rent doesn't show Maureen and Joanne as always having the perfect relationship and they fight and work at communicating with each other just like any normal people.  Roger and Mimi on the other hand are shown as searching for love like anyone else in "Light my Candle", but they are each scared of miscommunicating with each other, and their relationship takes a long time to develop.  There songs always make me feel empty and needing someone to be close to. I'm also extremely affected by the fact that this is Jonathan Larson's first and last successful musical.  He died right before the premier of his musical that he worked on for six years.  That is a bit humbling to me.  It makes me feel that I'm watching a somehow incomplete, but excellent work.  As a amateur playwright I somehow feel a connection to Jonathan.      
My Opinion of Rent's Plot
  I thought that the semi-vignette method used in Rent was highly effective, compressing what could have been a two day musical into two hours, by just providing enough enough information to follow the plot.  If you looking for a summary look at The Three Guys Rent Page.  It is a good summary that is included in the CD case.  
Online Retailers for Rent Stuff
  The first thing anyone who is obsessed with Rent as I am needs, is the core of the show, the soundtrack.  Of course, you should also go to see the show.  There are several companies, and it keeps changing all the time, so I suggest you take a look at the Rent Site's Rent Worldwide page, to find the closest production to you. If you want you can buy tickets to the  Broadway Show in New York City, which will probably run forever. (Just a serious guess) Plus if you looking for Rent Clothing and other stuff, I recommend  BuyBroadway.Com.  That should get you most of the Rent Stuff in existence.      

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