Site Masthead: Nick's Place in non-serif white text superimposed over a bright orange high contrast tinted photograph of a brick wall taken in an extreme close up. The brick is photographed with the long continuous lines of grout running vertically. The image is displayed upside-down so the disappearing point for the grout is below the image.

Nick's Place

Nick's Place: Getting Started

You've reached the fourth incarnation of Nick Barnard's website. At this moment in time this is the third webserver that my homepage has been posted on. But enough about this page. I live in in the Seattle, Washington area, and I'm a recent college graduate of Northern Kentucky University in Highland Heights, Kentucky. There are lots of thrilling things to find out about me, but I will leave you to browse the links to your left or, for a quick start, the latest new things about me online are: Any questions? mail me.