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Nick's Place

Nick's Place: Photos in My Collection: Me

Photos of me through my years. Yes, they're all me.

Multicultural Halloween Festival - Me, Mrs. Shelly Goldenberg, and Can Trong at WSU's 2002 Multicultural Halloween Festival. I am the color blue, not a smurf, blue man, or a crayola crayon. Its a conceptual piece, ok?
Mirrors are Fun! - A photo of me in Fall 2001 in my dorm room. Taken with a Handspring EyeModule via the mirror.
Is my nose that big? - A low angle picture of me. Taken again with the Handspring Eyemodule.
Black and White - One of my favorite pictures of me. My black and white senior picture.
Yes? - Me at work. Thats a piece of crochet on my knee.
Focused - I'm pretending to be focused on crocheting...
Blue S2S - Me at the Speech-to-Speech/Spanish gate at work. I'm trained to relay calls for people with speech disabilities.
"President" - A senior picture, that i've used as the "President" of the company photo for my DBA, NMFF Solutions