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Nick's Place: Lets Throw Money Into the Market (Intelligently): Why Friday?

November 16, 2006

Why Friday?

You might've caught the phrase "of last Friday's close" in my last entry.. It'll be a phrase that you'll see me using a lot here.. And you may ask what is so special about Friday?

Nothing really, but its a nice point that gives me three days to update the share prices in my portfolio spreadsheet.

I decided when I started working on the stats for my portfolio that I would only keep track of closing prices (and ergo my portfolio value) once a week. When I got started I decided that I was going to invest for the medium to long term, so intra-week variations aren't a huge worry of mine. On the same token monthly price updates to my portfolio didn't seem to provide gradation in the data to make charts and the like worthwhile.

Every once in a while I'll crack out what my share value is midweek (I did that yesterday with JBLU and LCC) but as a rule I don't do it very often.

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